Stained Concrete | Boise, ID



Decorative concrete is an aesthetic enhancement to a structure, while still serving its function as an integral part of the building itself such as floors, walls, counters, driveways and patios. The marbled variations of color on cured concrete by a chemical reaction with the minerals in concrete will amaze guests. Every concrete floor or poured surface will react with its own unique pattern. Once sealed with clear sealer, your floor will pop with an exclusive look. This exciting technique comes in a variety of colors. Set up your free consultation today!





Acid Staining is a chemical reaction using water, mineral salts and muriatic acid. This combination is applied to the concrete surface and over a period of time it creates permanent earth tone colors.  Acid staining creates a unique variegated or mottled appearance because of the inconsistencies in the surface level of concrete floor.





Water Based Stains are similar to acid based stains because you can still achieve a translucent look similar to acid based staining. Some stains can provide an opaque color also. There are many different variations of water-based stains that provide a wide array of results.