Exterior Painting | Boise, ID


Whether you refresh the appearance, or change the colors of your property, the paint job has to be appealing and it has to protect against the elements. Only premium quality paints & materials are used from the initial preparation to the final topcoat to ensure that your painting project will stay beautiful for years to come. We pride ourselves on prep work, as this is the foundation of the perfect exterior paint job.




We are the experts in the following services:


  • Houses Interior/ Exterior Painting    

  • Apartments / Condo Painting

  • Construction Projects

  • Hotels & Motels

  • Restaurants / Bars

  • Hospitals

  • Office Space Painting

  • Shopping Malls

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Carpentry Projects

  • Wallpaper Removal

  • Graffiti Removal

  • Kitchen Renovations   

  • Wood Restoration

  • Paint Primers

  • Oil Based Painting

  • Acrylic Painting

  • Latex Painting

  • Wood Stain

  • Deck Stain

  • Deck sealer

  • Garage Painting

  • Bathroom Renovations                                  

  • Ceiling Repairs 





What you can expect if you hire us to be your painting contractor:


  • The surface to be painted is pressure washed


  • Surfaces are scraped and sanded


  • Metal, concrete and bare wood surfaces are primed


  • Plants, windows, decks, etc. are masked/covered for protection


  • Windows, doors, nail holes, soffit and fascia are caulked


  • Two coats of paint are applied


We want to work for you!

We also paint doors, trim and moldings, ceilings, fences and decks as well as garage floors.